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Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Finally a photo of me in I can actually tolerate! 
Me with a few familiar people....... if you look closely you can see J's hand on my waist! he squeezes tightly :D  

And my shot with John.... not so sure about me in this one! but he looks stunning! And I couldn't resist getting it signed :D 

New Scott photo!

John and Scott at A Valentine's Tea hosted by Simon Cowell 

All About Me report!

Written by myself and kimii0091 :)

Carole and Scott were there which was great. Seemed to be a bit of confusion at first about where they were going to sit and Scott ended up sitting on almost every chair in the row before finding one which the crew were happy with.  Luckily this allowed us to see more of him before the show started.

It was a basic panel show with John presenting and two teams. John came on to the stage with two show girls dressed in red sexy outfits covered in feathers and wearing his Captain Jack coat, the girls removed the coat to reveal a dark grey suit and a blue shirt. He began by giving some quick facts about himself, including that he often refers to himself in the first person.

 The first round had four different categories: Actor, West End Star, TV Judge and pin-up, each team was able to choose one category to answer on. Myleene's team (Joe Pasquale and Charlie Baker) went first and choose pin-up. This was a cue for the audience to start giggling and John reacted saying he loved how we giggled at that. He also spoke a bit about his yearly unofficial calendar and joked about how he has one above his bed. The questions showed five different images each of five naked/ semi-naked men with the face taken out and the team had to guess which was John. Which lead to John making jokes about the different images including in one how ‘the hand wasn’t big enough’

The other team (Jason Manford, Russell Kane and Lorraine Kelly) chose the Actor section and they were presented with five different programmes/films including Desperate Housewives, Doctor Who, Will and Grace, The untouchables and Shark Attack 3 and they had to say which one John had not appeared in. Jason made jokes about how John could have been the shark in SA3 because of the size of his teeth, leading John to do his best shark impression! Obviously the answer was Will and Grace. After they gave the answers, John played a clip from Shark attack which had him with his head in his hands and Scott full on laughing. He actually threw his head back with laughing, which I was so cute.

Then there was a round where one team was shown five images of different celebrities wearing drag, including a shot of John from La Cage and they had to put them in order of hotness and try to match it to opinion of the public (they had asked ITV viewers before). This round was a bit of a disaster to be honest as the images in the correct order were hidden by a piece of paper and the paper kept falling off meaning that everyone knew the answer before it was revealed. John pretended to panic and say that it hadn’t happened, much to Carole and Scott's amusement. The team I think managed to get two right, with John being the hottest! John also asked Jason how many pints (just as he asked the band on the tour), and he seemed pretty happy that Jason said he would only need half a Vimto.

The second round was centred on John's books each team had a quote and they had to say whether it was from John's autobiography or somebody else's. The first team had the quote about Cher being on the first date with Scott. They talked for a bit about how uncomfortable that would be for the two people on the date, Scott seemed to agree as I could see him nodding a lot! I think John may have saw this to as he seemed to look at Scott a lot after he found him in the audience when he walked in. The other team were given a quote from Jason Manford's biography which they correctly guessed wasn't from John's. As the quote was about a “toy”, John decided to tease Myleene about this, cue more giggles from the audience.

The other team had to correctly guess the five most common words used to describe John by the TVviewers. They guessed five times with words including handsome, camp, butch and shy (which were of course a joke as John is certainly not shy!) but got none right. The top answer was entertainer, which John was pleased about. The second was Gay which caused a lot of laughter (particularly from Scott), also cheesy was one of the words which John was amused with. The other two words were tasty and dancer, which cued John to say he “felt sorry” for the other team and challenged Charlie Baker to a “tap off” which was pretty surprising as I have never seen John tap before and he was better than I thought he would be, but I suppose that’s Opryland for you. Scott turned to Carole when John started to dance; I assume she may have said something to him which caused him to smile.

There was another round where the team were presented with items from John and Scott's kitchen and they had to use them to act out a musical and the rest of their team would have to guess. Many were standard items such as a cup holder and a tea towel (which John admitted was from TK Maxx). The towelwas wrapped around Joe’s head for Joseph etc. But there was one where a turkey baster was involved and there was a joke about how John and Scott want kids so they have one encasethere’s a lesbian free who wants to help. John said he did have loads of Lesbian friends.

 The other teams’ equivalent was for Jason Manford (team captain) to kiss six different people blindfolded and he had to guess whether they were male or female. The first was a women body builder which he correctly guessed as being female ('a Jodie Marsh type'), the second was Andrew Stone (from Pineapple Dance Studios) who was wearing a dress and again it was guessed correctly as Male. Then there was a lady dressed in a Dalek costume, which of course caused from much confusion! Then a dog, which John also voluntarily kissed. And the last was John who was described as being very 'half and half!'This got a laugh off Scott.

The last round was a quick-fire round where each time had a certain amount of time to answer questions. They were standard questions from different categories. Some were personal like 'What was I wearing when I first met my partner Scott?', 'What job did my first boyfriend do?' and the funniest one which caused a priceless look from Scott and a grimace from Carole about whether John had a big tattoo of Scott's name over his arse or whether he was naturally white haired. One of the previous questions had “both” as the anwer, so we were all on the edge of our wandering if maybe John really had the tattoo. Carole asked Scott, he assured her that it wasn’t true and his name wasn’t written over John’s arse. There were also some professional ones about different parts of his career.

The recording was brilliant and very funny. John was in his element and really managed to get it right, I mean with a show about yourself it’s possible to take it too far, but John managed to keep the guests on the straight and narrow when they started getting to carried away even if he stuggled with reading the auto-cue a few times. Having Carole and Scott there only just in front of me was extra fun as their reactions and whispers to each other were very funny. However it was a bit all over the place, the show seemed to run a bit slow for a general audience. Therefore I don't see it becoming a series without a lot of altering, and it’s pretty much certain that John's ep will never air as it was hardly professional, but a lot of fun!


Scott was tweeting this morning :D 

he made John dye his hair and apparently John nearly burnt down the kitchen making bacon sandwiches LOL




Even now when I see this photo I'm still horrified at the presence of his ribs. Is it just me or was he way way too thin here? 

John and Scott photo :)

I Love this one :)
Their so tall!!


John/Scott photo


Thank you Carole :) 

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Tonghts's the Night recording reports from the 15th July and the 17th July.  


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Scan from Women's Own magazine

A Scan of John's recent interview in Women's Own magazine. It's a really nice one with talk of his family, the celeb lifestlye and Torchwood :) But there is a mistake in it. The yellow box next to the photo of John and Scott says 'Scott and John have been together for eight years'. This of course should be eighteen years!  

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Got some more programme scans for people who are interested, this time with the Phantom of the Opera cast page (1992) and Sunset Boulevard images (1994)
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